7114 - 2015 Regera
Light Blue / Caramel
Left Hand Drive
VIN  YT9NN1A40FA007114
General History
This car was the very first Regera built.  It made its debut in March 2015 at the Geneva Auto Show, alongside the first Agera RS, #115.  Koenigsegg will use this particular chassis to fine tune the Regera powertrain.  This car's design was a remarkably well-kept secret before its debut; it was seen only by company insiders and prospective customers until the day before Geneva opened to the press.
The Regera series features entirely new nose and tail sections.  Both are elongated and are presumably more aerodyamic than previous Koenigsegg offerings.  In the front bonnet are three inlet vents that call to mind the triple headlight style of the original Koenigsegg CC show car.  The traditional model call out panels on the side are a unique design as well.  There is a character line that runs from the upper front fender behind the wheel, along the side of the car to the rear wheel.  There is a new three piece front splitter with pronounced side sections, as well as an entirely new rear wing assembly.  The rear wing is both top mounted and retractable.  

As a plug-in hybrid, the charge connector for the batteries resides behind a motorized license plate holder.  The exhaust for the internal combustion engine exits through fin shaped aperatures in the rear diffuser; what appears to be an exhaust outlet is actually a cooling duct for the electric drivetrain components.  The new headlight assemblies incorporate "constellation" style Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), and entirely new taillights are seen as well.  The third brake light illuminates as the word "Koenigsegg".  

Otherwise the Regera retains characteristic Koenigsegg design cues, from the double hump roof, with its removable and stowable panel, to of course the trademark doors.  On the Regera, all opening aperatures will be fully automated, including the operation of the retractable rear wing.  Upon its reveal at Geneva however, at least the rear wing did not yet carry this function.  

Regera chassis #114 is finished in a single light blue color.  The front splitter, side skirts, and rear wing supports are finished in clear coated carbon fiber.  The exterior rear view mirrors are the One:1 type, with clear coated carbon supports.  This car debuted an entirely new carbon fiber wheel design, a curved spoke style that emerges from the hub as three spokes, and joins to the rim as six.  The brake calipers on this car are finished in a copper color that mimicks that of the interior color.
Photo: Thomas Millheimer
The Regera is meant to provide a level of luxury previously unmatched in a Koenigsegg car.  Accordingly, the Regera is fitted with increased sound deadening insulation and more sumptuous accomodations.  The seats of the Regera are new and unique to the model range.  The dashboard, instrument panel and infotainment center are also new and unique.

Oval shaped themes are repeated throughout the Regera cabin, among them the chrome-grilled HVAC outlets and the instrument cluster.   The instrument cluster is a configurable TFT display, and the center console features a 9 inch bespoke display featuring Apple CarPlay.  The memory foam seats in the Regera feature 8 way power adjustment, a Koenigsegg first.  As stated above, the trademark doors feature automated, soft-close operation.

Chassis #114 features caramel colored leather on the seating, doors and dashboard surfaces.  There is a clear coated carbon section in the dashboard center, which extends down onto the center console.  The console has a brushed aluminum piece and dual cupholders.  This particular car has the same steering wheel design that was used in the later Ageras, with "shift" paddles that operate the drivetrain.  The debut car was shown with dual airbags; for the first time in a Koengisegg car, these will feature "advanced" operation (as mandated in the U.S.).
Photo: Thomas Millheimer
The Regera is Koenigsegg's first ever series hybrid drive vehicle.  The internal combustion engine is the 5.0 liter DOHC twin-turbo engine as found in the Agera series.  In the Regera this engine is rated at 1100 horsepower on gasoline.  In addition to this engine, there are three YASA axial flux electric motors.  One motor is attached to the engine's crankshaft producing 215 horsepower, and additionally one on each rear wheel producing 241 horsepower each.

The electric motors are powered by a liquid cooled 620-volt battery pack with 9.27kWh capacity.  The electric drive components of the Regera were developed together with Rimac.  The system features the most power dense battery ever used in a road car and dispenses more electric drive power than any other as well.

The Regera puts all this power to the pavement by means of the Koenigsegg Direct Drive (KDD).  Simply put, there is no traditional gearbox at all in the Regera.  The engine is coupled to the final drive by means of a fluid coupling.  The KDD allows the electric motors to supplement the internal combustion engine and provide torque fill at low speeds.  At higher speeds the internal combustion engine is fully engaged by the fluid coupling.  The KDD allows the Regera to accelerate to its top speed of 249 mph, at the engine's redline of 8250 RPM, in less than 20 seconds.

The KDD, combined with the three electric motors, also allow the Regera to drive in electric-only mode for up to 22 miles.  The wheel mounted electric motors also provide torque vectoring and regenerative braking.  The battery pack is charged by the internal combustion but can also be charged from an outside source, through a connection located behind the rear license plate holder.

The entire KDD and battery pack of the Regera adds only 88kg of weight, compared to what it would have weighed with the conventional Koenigsegg transmission attached to the internal combustion engine.  Due to the internal combustion engine and the electric motors achieving their power peaks at different points, the combined peak horsepower for the Regera is 1500 horsepower and nearly the same number for foot-pounds of torque.
The Regera's engine compartment was not opened during its debut at Geneva.  It is not known whether the drivetrain was in final specification at that time.  Thus we do not have any actual photos of the engine yet.  The photo illustration below depcits the entire power system and KDD.
Data collected and page written by Matt
First posted 30 March 2015