7069 - 2009 CCXR
Orange / Orange & Black
Left Hand Drive
VIN  YT9XC81B79A007069
Photo credits go to our very own Prashanth Swaminathan
General History
In summer 2009, just after the build of this Koenigsegg was completed, the car was shipped to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where this CCXR was seen in Abu Dhabi at the Al Otaiba workshop, the official Koenigsegg representative for the UAE at the time. Although chassis 069 did have an owner, Hussein Musallam who lives in Saudi Arabia, this CCXR was not spotted for almost three years before it eventually showed up in March 2012 at Mega Star Motors, who offered the car for sale with 2,000 Km. on the odometer. It's VERY unusual to have a 2,000 Km. / three-year hole in a timeline, so please get in touch if someone finds or knows something from the early period!

This Koenigsegg stayed at Mega Star Motors for quite some time and was displayed at the Dubai Autotrader event in February 2013 but was not sold. Chassis 069 eventually made its way back to Koenigsegg in Sweden, where it was seen at the factory in December 2013. This Koenigsegg became part of the “Certified Legends” program, a selection of cars that has been through an extensive inspection process carried out by factory trained Koenigsegg technicians. Cars are then refurbished to the highest standard and upgraded to the latest possible specification. All Certified Legends come with a factory warranty up to two years (source: Koenigsegg Automotive AB).

In January 2014, chassis 069 was displayed at Automässan, Göteborg at the Leading Solutions stand and in March of the same year it attended the Need for Speed NFS premiere in Ängelholm. In August 2014, this orange CCXR was spotted on a trailer, on its way to Pace, the official Koenigsegg representative for Germany, where it was displayed and offered for sale from August 2014 till April 2015. It was in very good company as Pace had many more Koenigseggs on display during that period. In April 2015, Pace took the CCXR out for a trip to the Nürburgring, where it was photographed by numerous spotters. But later that month it was time to go home again to Koenigsegg in Sweden.

Chassis 069 was seen in May 2015 when the Gumball 3000 participants visited the Koenigsegg factory on their way from Stockholm to Amsterdam. Later that month, chassis 069 attended an event at the Red Bull Ring in Austria which was related to the Pioneers Festival. This CCXR went to Denmark twice; the first time mid June 2015 and the last time at the end of July till the beginning of August to join a parade of supercars to the City Hall Square as part of the 2015 Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix event. It also attended Lergökarallyt in August, 2015.

This CCXR has been for sale the biggest part of its life and in fact is still listed for sale at Pace and also still in the factory Certified Legends program but let's hope this beauty will find a loving owner soon!
Orange was chosen as exterior color for this CCXR which doesn’t make it unique in the CCX(R) model range as 036, 050, 051 and 076 also have orange as exterior color. So chassis 069 is one of five orange Koenigseggs CCX(R)s but has some special features, most noticeably the front nose cone in clear coated carbon, which chassis 036 also has. Other clear coated details include the area on the front hood, which stretches all the way to the windshield, as well as the band on the mirrors, the license plate section at the back, and the Double F1 high down force fixed rear wing.

To further set chassis 069 apart from its orange brothers and / or sisters, especially 036, it has orange brake calipers, black forged and polished 9-spoke CCX wheels and silver colored CCX badges which match the wing-end plates. This Koenigsegg received a clear wrap since new to protect the orange painted bodywork from stone chips and scratches. Apart from the initial upgrades, this CCXR stayed the same during its life, except for a small Pace sticker in front of the rear wheels, which was removed later and the aircore wheels that were used for the Need for Speed premiere.
This Koenigsegg CCXR has a bicolor interior of black and orange. Black leather with orange contrast stitching can be found on the instrument cluster, the middle console, which extends to the top of the dashboard and the upper part of the doors. Black alcantara, also with orange contrast stitching, can be found on the seats, the half-round shaped sections of the dashboard and on the back panel. Orange alcantara can be found on most of the seats and the middle section of the upholstery of the doors. The half-round shaped area on the passenger side has ‘Koenigsegg CCXR’ embroidered in orange.

This CCXR has the newer chrono style instrument cluster and is also equipped with the new 7” touch screen infotainment system with integrated USB music possibility, navigation system, Bluetooth phone connection and rear view camera. At the left side of the steering wheel, just beneath the airco vent, a separate display can be seen on the dashboard, most likely to show time and temperature. Like the exterior, the interior also did not change over the years.
This Koenigsegg was fitted with the standard 4,700 cc twin-supercharged DOHC V8 CCXR engine with the flexfuel system, allowing it to run on normal petrol and E85 in any mixture. The compression ratio is 8,8:1 and maximum boost pressure is set to 1,6 bar. When running on normal petrol the engine delivers 806 Hp, and when running on E85, it develops 1,018 Hp. The engine was mated to a paddle shift Xtrac transversal transmission, including auto shift function.
When chassis 069 was at Pace, it was in very good company! Can you identify the other five Koenigseggs?
And when at the factory it was part of an even more impressive line-up…
Data collected by J_C, Prashanth and Stephan
Data page written by Stephan
First posted 12 March 2016