7020 - 2005 CCR
Lava Orange / Black
Left Hand Drive
VIN  YT9M1G0V8E5007020

General history
Shown to the public for the first time in Moscow, Russia at the Ultimate Collection Of Automotive Excellence Super Car & Bike with Swedish license plate XAS 052. This CCR was displayed there on April 27 - May 1 2005 by Multipass, a Russian subsidiary of the German A: Level Engineering. A: Level Engineering is located in Adenau, Germany. This explains the German license plate "AW AL 880" it has been spotted with, as AW stands for Adenau. This CCR was displayed at The Super Car & Bike show, april 2006. The event was combined with the Sotheby's auction car show 13 april 2006.

This is one of eight Koenigseggs with a lava orange exterior color. It doesn't have a rear wing.
This lava orange CCR has a black interior with orange accents and orange contrast stitching. It is one of only two CCR's with orange accents on the seats, the other one is #7015. This CCR has a black dashboard top with orange accents while #7015 has an orange dashboard top with black accents which makes it relatively easy to identify this particular CCR from the other orange ones.
Not sure as there is not much history on this CCR but it most likely was fitted with the standard CCR engine.
* This CCR was used to optimize the CCR for Octane 91 fuel.
* The Swedish "XAS 052" license plate can be traced to VIN #7020. Other sources claim, most likely wrongfully, that the CCR that was spotted at Le Mans is #7020 based on the XAS 052 plate the car had at the time. But the CCR that was displayed in Moscow also had the XAS 052 plate. The CCR at Moscow is definitely not the same as the one that was at Le Mans so one of these CCR's must have borrowed the XAS 052 plate... Because the CCR at Moscow had the plate first (April 2005, which is before the Le Mans 24 hours, June 2005) this CCR should actually be #7020!
* XAS 052 (you will have to scroll down a bit): rejsa.nu :: Le Mans 2005*
* CCR versus Mig (well, almost ;-) ): MAKS 2005. MiG-29 versus Koenigsegg CCR - YouTube
* At the factory airstrip: Koenigsegg CCR - 806 hp - YouTube
* Sotheby auction (lot number 48, page 50 Note: not all pictures are of the actual car): http://web.archive.org/web/200611181...AuctionCat.pdf 
Data collected by J_C and Stephan
Data page written by Stephan