7014 - 2004 CCR
Yellow / Blue & Yellow, later Grey / Black
Left Hand Drive
VIN  YT9M1G0V8F4007014

General history
Build early 2004, as this CCR was first seen in a brochure printed February 2004. Not sure what happened to it after that but it was transformed into "CCR Evolution" in 2008 by the factory. Not sure if the car was initially sold or still being owned by the factory and sold after being transformed. The car was wrapped matt black in 2010 and in 2011 it received a major upgrade by Edo Competition.  

This CCR was initially yellow but later was repainted grey when transformed into "CCR Evolution". Apart from the changed exterior color, it also received some other updates in the exterior like a rear wing, forged and polished 9 spoke CCX wheels and black (instead of the standard silver) accents at the body. It seems some CCX style aero components, like for instance the side sills, were fitted too. Was later wrapped matt black and after that was upgraded by Edo Competition, receiving some wrapped white and initially also red accents on the body (the red "Evo 817" accents on the doors were later removed). Apart from that the wheels received a coat of charcoal paint and an updated front end with auxiliary lights.
This CCR had a blue & yellow interior at first, which was a nice match to the original yellow exterior color. When the exterior color later became grey when turned into "CCR Evolution", the interior changed into black with white stitching. A CCX type dashboard was fitted also. When Edo Competition reworked this CCR it did not leave the interior; the centre console was modified to fit a new infotainment system with a reversing camera and a custom-made pouch for the immobilizer remote. Some carbon elements, like the steering wheel and the steering column, were added too.
This CCR initially had 806 Hp, delivered by the standard CCR engine. Early CCR muffler configuration, which is covered at the middle, just like #7009. The yellow dampers were at some point replaced by stiffer red ones. Edo Competition focused on the set-up of the twin superchargers and modified the ECU to boost power but also changed drive ratio to let the engine hit its torque peak earlier, thereby increasing drivability. To ensure long term reliability was not at risk, the engine redline, which normally is 7,600 rpm. was lowered to 7,200 rpm. The six speed gearbox was enhanced as well by replacing the plastic bushings with uniball units. The result is a total power output of 891 Hp.
#7014 was the first CCR to have been documented by Koenigsegg. It was in a brochure printed February 2004 (so before #7011 debuted at the Geneva Motor Show). That might be confusing as one would expect an early (probably the earliest) VIN on the first documented car. The fact that it has been photographed together with #7009, with which it shared the early CCR muffler set-up, at the factory also suggests that #7014 is in fact, just like #7009, a very early car, but it's VIN does not reflect that...
Data collected by J_C and Stephan
Data page written by Stephan