7051 - 2008 CCX
Orange / Orange & Black
Right Hand Drive
VIN  YT9XC91A08A007051
General History
One of only two CCXs in the southern hemisphere, #051 lived a high-roller’s lifestyle for the first part of its career. Completed in early 2008 and first driven in late March by CAR Magazine South Africa for a feature review, it was initially displayed at the dealership of Daytona Group South Africa. In early April 2008 it became part of the collection of South African businessman  Emmanuel “Lolly” Jackson, owner of the strip club chain “Teazers” and famed for his flamboyant lifestyle and love of fast cars. In his personal garage #051 joined, among many others, a black and orange wrapped Pagani Zonda S. The cars of Lolly’s collection, including #051, were well known and made regular appearances at shows and events in and around Johannesburg, as well as on the Kyalami race track – which Lolly used to routinely hire for two-hour sessions so that he and his friends could take their cars for a weekly workout. 
In early November 2008 #051 was loaned by Lolly for the Johannesburg International Motor Show, where it was exhibited along with #058 (making its debut) and #060. In August 2009 it, with other cars from Lolly’s collection, participated in a photoshoot for the 2010 Teazers’ official calendar. The pictures from this shoot show #051 with a new addition in the form of a carbon rear wing, similar to the standard CCX “Top Gear Wing”. It is unknown whether this wing was supplied by Koenigsegg themselves or came from an aftermarket source. 
In 2010 #051 was spotted at what is reported to have been a Top Gear Live event.
However, #051’s story took a tragic turn when on the night of May 3rd 2010, Lolly Jackson was shot dead. In the investigations that followed his business affairs came under scrutiny from the South African Revenue Service (SARS), who allegedly impounded his car collection to offset money Lolly had owed in back taxes. The last sighting of #051 at this time was in August 2010 when it was seen being moved on a flatbed truck, presumably being taken into custody by SARS.
#051 then vanished for almost three years, before reappearing at auction in March 2013 through Consolidated Classic Cars. The car reportedly sold at this auction for 6.6 million South African rand, but this deal presumably fell through as it was then listed again through auctioneers Vans in November 2014 (along with several other cars from Lolly’s collection), still being sold on behalf of SARS. This second auction was temporarily called off and ended up being deferred to March 2015 when #051, with 7752km on its odometer, finally sold for a reported R5million. This equated at the time to around $400k, making this one of the best bargains in Koenigsegg history!
RHD in Lava Orange, distinguished from the very similar #050 (the Australian CCX) by five-hole “phone dial” wheels and body-colour wing mirrors instead of #050’s black. Bare carbon front spoiler. “CCX” in silver lettering on grey callout panels on the flanks. Full colour Koenigsegg nose badge.

In 2009, #051 was fitted with a small rear wing in bare carbon, further differentiating it from #050 which never had a wing.
#051’s interior colours match its outside, with a black leather and carbon fibre dashboard paired with orange rear bulkhead, headliner and centre console. Black and orange seats with full colour Koenigsegg shield emblem and logo on the headrests. Brushed aluminium console controls.
As far as is known #051 has the standard CCX 4.7 litre, twin supercharged V8 engine mated to a 6-speed manual transmission, without the optional paddle shifters.

We are in need of engine pictures of this car
South African musician and TV personality DuPreez Strauss wrote a song in tribute to Lolly Jackson after his death, and #051 can be seen in the official video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oJXyDIbc-Q
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rm5s5OXlwEk – in-car video of #051 in the Rivonia township of Johannesburg, April 2008.
http://www.vansauctioneers.co.za/auctions_show.php?showid=708#alist  – November 2014, cancelled auction listing.
http://www.autogespot.com/rare-supercars-auction-south-africa  – photos of #051 and other cars auctioned with it in March 2015.
Data collected by J_C and Kit
Data page written by Kit

First posted 11 June 2015