7085 - 2011 Agera R
White / Black
Left Hand Drive
VIN  YT9JF91B4BA007085
General History
This Agera R was finished in July of 2011 and stayed in the factory for a few months before finally finding its home in China. The car also made an appearance at Top Marques Macau which was held in November of 2011. Throughout 2012 the car was seen at various car events held in China. The last known photo of this car was taken at a car dealership in China in the middle of 2013.

If you have recent pictures or know about her whereabouts in 2014-2015 please feel free to contact us.
The exterior is completely finished in one color, Koenigsegg “Snow White”. Many of the usual carbon accented parts including mirrors and air inlet/outlets are seen. The old pattern stripes, finished in blue run along the roof of the car and onto the dynamic rear wing with red highlights on the outer edge. This feature was added later on where the stripes don’t continue into the interior but run along the roof. The Dynamic rear wing is also finished in white and clear carbon tips are present. The wheels were factory fitted with 9 spoke black Vortex Generating Rims (VGR) with red pinstripes.
The interior is also finished with a blend of black, blue and numerous clear coated carbon fiber areas. The Koenigsegg seats are finished in black leather with blue accents on the sides. The steering wheel is also finished in black leather and carbon fiber. The center console/infotainment panel is finished in anodized brushed aluminum which is standard.
This Agera R is fitted with the standard Agera R engine, delivering 1140 HP, and the standard 7-speed dual clutch sequential gearbox. 
From chassis #085 onward all Ageras sported the new style Koenigsegg steering wheel, however this car did have an older style steering wheel made for it.  So we can say with some assurance Koenigsegg finalized on the new steering wheel towards the end of 2011.

After #085 received the new style steering wheel, its original steering wheel was briefly fitted to #101 during the latter's build process - see the trivia section of #101's data sheet for photos.
Data collected by J_C
Data page written by Prashanth
Written 24 January 2015