7003 - CC8S
Nordic Ice Green / Tobacco & Black, later Grey / Tobacco & Black, later Black / Cream & Black and finally Black / Red & Black
Right Hand Drive
VIN  Unknown

General history
Displayed for the first time at the 2003 Geneva Motor Show, together with the "Bassel" CC8S. This car has a very distinctive feature, or better, it lacks a very distinctive feature: The two central airco vents, which are  normally on top of the middle console. This car doesn't have these, which makes it a bit easier to identify (even with the changes it underwent). Initially delivered to Modena. This car initially had the older tail lights and was sometimes displayed as Koenigsegg CC (instead of CC8S).

This car underwent quite a few changes, including numerous changes in exterior color. The initial color being Nordic ice green, proceeded by a grey color, until it got it's final black color.
Just like the exterior, the interior changed also. The base interior color changed from orange to cream to dark red. The black accents stayed the same throughout though, as did the radio ;-) This car lacks the typical airco vents on top of the console, the other early Koenigseggs CC8S have (except for #7001).
This CC8S also has the standard CC8S engine and was initially fitted with the older style muffler set-up, but was later fitted with the newer muffler configuration (the two mufflers are covered making it seem as one big muffler).
* This CC8S was entered in the Gumball 3000 race between San Francisco and Miami, may 2003. Allegedly the police clocked the car at a staggering speed of 242 mph (389 Km/h). In a 75 mph zone...
* The (fake) GB number plate used during the Gumball 3000 rally actually shows the last 6 digits of it's VIN, which for Koenigsegg always ends with 007XXX.
XXX being the last 3 digits for the sequential production number, making this #7003 (for more info on Koenigsegg VIN's see the Decoding Koenigsegg VINs section.

* Gumball 3000: Gumball 3000 (2003) Full Review Part1 - YouTube
* Speeding ticket (the article wrongly mentions a CCR, instead of this CC8S): Fact or Folklore? The Infamous Koenigsegg Speeding Ticket
* Koenigsegg CC: ???? ???? ??? ????
* Older tail lights: Koenigsegg%20%203.jpg (image)
* As compared to the newer ones: http://www.supercarworld.com/images/fullpics/163b.jpg http://www.supercarworld.com/images/fullpics/163b.jpg

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