7076 - 2009 CCXR "Platinuss"
Orange / Black
Left Hand Drive
VIN  YT9XC81B49A007076
General History
This CCXR made its debut at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show where it was introduced as CCXR “Platinuss”. This Koenigsegg, which is chassis 076, was built for a wealthy customer in Brazil and this CCXR Platinuss is a unique vehicle because due to the strict emission regulations in Brazil, chassis 076 had to be customized in house so it could use Bio-ethanol E100 fuel. The name Platinuss refers to the former Brazilian dealership carrying the same name.

As its name suggest, chassis 076 went to Platinuss in Brazil, presumably in June 2010. The car was not seen however until October 2010 when it was offered for sale at Platinuss. And that’s strange as this car was destined for a client but it’s possible that this person wanted to sell the car already after a couple of months or that the client did not take the car and Platinuss still had it.

However it may be, Platinuss displayed this Koenigsegg at the Salão do Automóvel de São Paulo 2010 at the end of October and beginning of November with less than 10 Km. on the odo but despite the beautiful ladies accompanying the car, it was not sold. This CCXR was spotted again in May 2011 at the factory, most likely to receive scheduled maintenance as it was one year since being delivered to Platinuss.

Later that year, Platinuss went bankrupt and chassis 076 was not seen until September 2012, still at the Koenigsegg factory. In November 2012, Koenigsegg displayed chassis 076 at the Scandinavian motor show. This Koenigsegg, together with chassis 074, starred in a photo shoot for an article for Speedhunters at the end of January 2013 at the factory. In March of the same year this Koenigsegg, when still at the factory, was privately offered at the Luxury4Play forum for an undisclosed amount.

During 2013 and 2014, chassis 076 was seen several times at the factory but it took a while to be spotted again as it was not seen until it showed up in the new Koenigsegg factory showroom in April 2015. This beauty is believed to still be at the factory.
This CCXR has an orange paintjob which in the shade looks like Lava Orange but it seems to have some gold pearl and metal flakes in it when in the (spot)light! This sets it apart from the orange CCXs, 050 and 051 which have the standard lava orange exterior color as first seen on the CCR model range.

And although it’s supposedly a custom paintjob, it’s actually the same or very similar to the one applied to chassis 036 and 069. Other differences with the before mentioned orange CCX(R)s are the clear coated carbon air outlets over the wheels, as first seen on the Trevitas, and the light grey colored splitter, which is mentioned to be larger than standard.

Additional features of this Koenigsegg are the light grey colored sills and license plate holder section at the back that match the front splitter and the model call-out panels, which have the CCXR in silver with a unique blue R. Chassis 076 has been fitted with the forged 9-spoke polished CCX wheels, orange brake calipers, a bare carbon Top Gear rear wing and a Platinuss plaque at the back of the car. This CCXR stayed the same over the years, although the Platinuss plaque has been removed.
This Koenigsegg CCXR has a black interior color with orange contrast stitching. Black leather can be seen on the instrument cluster, the upper part of the doors and the lower and upper part of the middle console which extends to the top of the dashboard. Interestingly enough the middle section has not been furbished and is finished in clear coated carbon fiber. Black alcantara is used for the seats, the half-round shaped sections of the dashboard, the middle section of the upholstery of the doors as well as on the back panel.

This CCXR has the newer chrono style instrument cluster and the new 7” touch screen infotainment system with integrated USB music possibility, navigation system, Bluetooth phone connection and rear view camera. A passenger airbag is also part of the equipment. A plaque, most likely with the owners name engraved, can be found at the rear end of the middle console, just above the storage compartment for the key fob. The interior has not been altered over the years.
Due to the strict Brazilian emission regulations, the standard 4,700 cc twin-supercharged DOHC V8 CCXR engine had to be customized so it could use Bio-ethanol E100. According to a Platinuss spokesman, the engine won 82 horses with this conversion, which raised the output from 1,018 to 1,100 horsepower. But other sources claim that the engine of this CCXR Platinuss delivers 1018 Hp, just like “normal” CCXRs running on E85. A third theory is that the E100 engine initially delivered 1100 Hp but this was lowered to 1018 Hp by adjusting the maximum boost pressure from the standard 1,6 bar to 1,5 bar. The engine was mated to a sequential gearbox with paddle shift function.
Some footage from the Capuava Circuit in Brazil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F13att_0vbE
Data collected by J_C and Stephan
Data page written by Stephan
First posted 15 April 2016