7057 - 2008 CCX
Sapphire Blue Metallic / Blue & Champagne
Left Hand Drive
VIN  YT9XC11AX8A007057
General History
This CCX was built to specifications of Koenigsegg representative Callisma AB rather than a client, and was completed in autumn of 2008. In September of 2008, the car was seen together with CCX 059, which was tested by Auto, Motor & Sport TV. After this test, 059 was displayed at several occasions but 057 stayed at the factory for quite a while but was listed for sale at Callisma in May 2009.

Bilsport, a Swedish car magazine did an article about CCX 057 in their March 2010 issue. In December of 2010 this CCX was registered to Autoropa, a renowned Ferrari, Maserati and Bentley dealer, that also had CCX 033 for sale at the time. CCX 057 was unfortunately not sold for a long time and was still seen at their facility in August of 2014 but has reported to have left Autoropa recently, hopefully to a new owner although the car has not been spotted ever since.
This CCX has a very striking blue color, named sapphire blue metallic. It is a special color, not used on any other Koenigsegg. The front splitter, side sills and the Top Gear rear wing are finished in clear coated carbon. The back license plate holder area, the model call out badges and the decorative badges behind the front wheel arches are executed in light grey.

The "CCX" script on the model call out badges are finished in polished aluminum and the decorative badges behind the front wheel arches merely show the Koenigsegg crest, first seen on the Edition models. This car is riding on the Dymag 11-spoke carbon fiber rims. The specifications of this particular Koenigsegg were chosen by Callisma AB and did not change over the years.
Like the exterior, the interior was made to Callisma AB specifications and they chose a combination of blue leather and beige alcantara accents for this Koenigsegg. The blue leather can be found on the entire middle console, including the top of the dashboard, the instrument cluster, the upper parts of the doors and parts of the seats. The beige alcantara is used on the back wall, the lower part of the doors, the ceiling and some accents on the seats and the dashboard. The diamond stitching is executed in beige as well.

This car has the newer chrono style instrument cluster and is equipped with the latest stereo unit that was exclusively manufactured for Koenigsegg as well. Apart from radio and 4-CD changer functions, it is fitted with many integrated features like sat nav, rear view camera, iPod connection and bluetooth. The interior did not change over the years.
This Koenigsegg has the standard 4,700 cc twin-supercharged DOHC V8 CCX engine, producing 806 Hp, and standard stick shift six-speed transmission. 
In May 2009, Koenigsegg commissioned Brigo to add a showroom to their factory. This showroom was officially opened in July that same year and has the well known turntable on which many of their cars were photographed. But CCX 057 was actually the first car on it.
Data collected by J_C and Stephan
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Created: 13 May 2015
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