7098 - 2013 Agera S
Matte Blue / Black
Right hand drive
VIN  YT9KG2A28DA007098
General History
This Agera S was presented as part of the launch of Koenigsegg in Singapore at the Ritz Carlton Millenia in June of 2013.  Immediately after its debut the car was delivered to its owner.
Finished in matte blue paint with a clear carbon center stripe on the front bonnet.  There are many clear carbon accented parts, including the full rear bumper.  Standard Agera dynamic rear wing painted matte blue with clear carbon stripes on the wing only.  Hollow carbon Aircore wheels and grey brake calipers.

One easy way to tell #098 from the very similar #090 (besides Agera R vs. Agera S of course!) is that #090 has a carbon wing with a blue stripe extending down onto the carbon bumper, whereas #098 has a blue wing with dual thin carbon stripes on the wing only.
Right hand drive.  Black leather with blue stitching; nearly every other surface is exposed carbon fiber.
Standard Agera S engine, 1030 horsepower.  Engine #2104-001-104K
This Agera S quickly became famous as the most expensive car ever sold in Singapore, at 5.3 million SGD.
Data collected by J_C
Data page written by Matt